How to use the Main Content screen

Navigating the Main Content screen

The image below shows an annotated overview of the features available within the Main Content Screen. Some additional information can be found below. Links to more in-depth explanations of all individual features can be found by clicking here.


Advanced Feature Options

Below is a description of the advanced features available in the Function Menu on the left side of the screen when viewing the Main Content data table, giving you options for filtering and editing the BAPLIE content. Click any title below to open an article with more information about how to use the feature.

Find Multiple

This option allows you to find multiple containers by pasting in a list of any delimiter value for quick filtering. 

Container Numbers 

Clicking this option will show a pop up with a list of container IDs based on current filters or selected containers, which you can easily highlight and copy. 

Weight → VGM* 

Clicking this option will duplicate the data from the non-verified weight of each container into Verified Gross Mass (VGM) column. This will only be done for container records where Status = Full.

Advanced Search 

This option allows you to build advanced queries to filter the BAPLIE data. Queries can be saved to your profile and reloaded when viewing BAPLIE files in the future.

Clear Filters

This option allows you to clear any filters that are currently being applied to the data.

Show/Hide Filter Bar 

This option allows you to hide/unhide the filter bar at the top of the table.

View Records 

This option allows you to view the details of the selected records. The system requires at least one record to be selected before clicking this option. Only the attributes visible in the table will be visible in the View Records form.

Add Record*

This option allows you to add new records to the BAPLIE file.

Edit Records*

This option allows you to edit one or more records in the BAPLIE file.

Delete Records*

This option allows you to delete one or more records from the BAPLIE file.

Show/Hide Columns

This option allows you to change which columns are visible in the main BAPLIE data table.

Default Layout

This option allows you to revert the view back to the default layout, removing all filters and customized column visibility.

Export to Excel

This option allows you to export the data to Excel. If you have a filter applied, only the filtered data is exported. If you have customized the columns that are visible, only the visible columns are exported.


*Note: Advanced features with a * are not available to those with Gold memberships. Refer to the Membership FAQ Page for more information.