How to manage general facility information

This article describes how the main user or administrator of the facility's account can view and update the general facility information that applies to all users of a facility. 

Upon logging in to, the homepage will load and a Function Menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Click "Manage Facility" under your facility's name which is the first menu option. Then click General Information to view basic information about the facility which applies across all user accounts. 


General information about this facility 

Facility ID - This is a unique ID assigned to your facility at account creation. It cannot be edited and is used only for internal purposes. 

Membership Type - This section will show the current membership type for your facility, and will be visible across all user accounts. Click here to change your membership type. 

Renew Date - This shows the expiration date of your current membership subscription. Once a membership has been renewed the date will automatically change depending on the duration selected during checkout, across all user accounts. 

Files Uploaded - This shows the total number of files that have been uploaded by the facility as a whole, since the beginning of your BAPLIE Viewer Online membership. 

Team Member(s) - This shows the total number of users associated with your facility, including your user account. 

File Retention - The default for all new accounts is for files to be deleted after 7 days of inactivity. This means that if a file is edited at any point, the time is reset to automatically delete the file. The duration of file retention can be customized by the facility administrator using the Facility Settings section. 

Extend trial 

Enter Trial Code - If you have received a code for a free trial of BAPLIE Viewer Online, enter it in this box and click Update to automatically extend your trial.