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How to use the Dashboard feature

After you upload your file to BAPLIE Viewer Online and it has passed the file validation process, you'll be able to open up the file and view its contents. 

For convenience, the first screen you are presented with is called our Dashboard.  This screen automatically pulls all the data from your uploaded file and presents it in an easy to read format so you can quickly summarize the cargo that is on board the vessel.




The first section is the Header Details. If you need to update any of this information, you can do so by clicking on the left hand function menu under "Validation" and "Header Details".  More details are available here.

The next section is the Container Count and TEU Count. The TEU is calculated on the base settings of 1 TEU for a 20 foot container, 2 TEU for a 40 foot container, and 2.5 for a 45 foot container.  If you would like to update the calculations, you can do so in your settings.  More details are available here.

There is also a section where, if there are data anomalies, you will be able to quickly see the data that needs your attention. More details about the Anomalies Detection algorithm can be found here.

The next section is a graphical representation of important container attributes. To navigate this data you can:

  • Hover over the pie or bar chart and see the attribute count
  • Click on one of the data elements and exclude it from the chart. 
    • Doing so for one data element will also update all the other charts to exclude this same data.
  • Clicking on the funnel icon on the top right of each chart will display the data in text rather than graphically.