How to use Temporary Users functionality

Facility Administrators now have the ability to create multiple temporary users either manually or by importing data from a CSV file.

The temporary user account can be marked as enabled with a specified duration to remain enabled (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or indefinitely).

These users do not have an email address associated to them, and so they do not need to complete the initial registration process.

This feature is designed in mind for Facilities who use Unionized Labor.  For example, facilities would import a list of union IDs along with their name and the password to use. Only enabled accounts count toward the facility user limit. These accounts can be made to view only, which means they cannot make any changes or upload BAPLIE files. They can also be granted them permission to upload and view files, but not make any changes.



1.  Login to your administrator level account. 

2.  From the Function Menu, select "Manage Facility".

3.  Choose a facility prefix.   Type in your chosen facility prefix and press Update to save.

  • This is limited to letters only.

4.  Either: Import users from a CSV file by choosing "Bulk Import Users"

  • The format accepted is: username password full name. Each should be comma separated.


5. Or, Manually type in each user Full Name, Username, password, permissions and access duration and press Create to save.

6. Once you have added a user, you will see them under "managing temporary accounts".

  • If you have multiple users defined and need to quickly find them, you can filter by unique ID


7. If you need you can enable or disable their access manually, change the duration or permissions.

8.  The Pencil Icon will allow you to change their username or their password

9.  The Trash Can Icon will delete a single user

  •  If you wish to delete all temporary logins that you have created, you can do this from the "Delete All" button.