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How to use the Advanced Search Query Builder

The advanced search query builder is meant to assist you in filtering and locating container records using specific data points and Any/All filter criteria within the Main BAPLIE Content table.  

After a file has been uploaded to, the Dashboard will load. Click the Main Content option under the Visualization tab in the Function Menu to see the BAPLIE file content in a table format.  

Click the Advanced Search option in the Function Menu after the Main Content screen loads, and a pop up will appear.

Advanced Search

Use this option to build queries that filter the uploaded BAPLIE data for your business needs. Select just one filter, or any combination of Any/All filters to customize the records shown in the data table.


Any Versus All Condition

The text Any can be interpreted as an OR Condition, which means any criteria below can match in the records that are displayed.

The text All can be interpreted as an AND Condition, which means all criteria below must match in the records that are displayed.

These two conditions can be used for grouping multiple attributes together to result in a very complex query designed to cover any scenario you might need to search for.

Attributes available in the dropdown list

The list of attributes that are available to select in the dropdown list are dependent on the columns that are visible in the table.  For more information about how to add and remove columns, click here.