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How to customize hull definitions in 2D and 3D Vessel View

With BAPLIE Viewer Online, you can access the 3D Vessel View under the Visualization tab in the Function Menu to see a realistic model of the uploaded vessel data. For users who wish to define blocked or voided locations, BAPLIE Viewer Online allows you to define Hull Definitions that are unique to your user login. You can save multiple definitions to your user profile, and apply them to any uploaded BAPLIE files.

You can define slots such as: Hull, Ballast, Diesel, Fuel, Fresh Water, Lube Oil or Other.

After a file has been uploaded to, select the Visualization tab in the Function Menu on the left side of the screen and then choose the 2D Bay View option to display a graphical representation of the vessel. 

Creating a Hull Definition

Only the 2D Bay View can be used to create and edit Hull Definitions, and any saved hull definitions will be shown accurately in the 3D Vessel View tab. 

There is a menu bar across the top of the 2D Bay View screen which gives you advanced options for viewing and editing the vessel data in view. In the Mode dropdown, select Hull Definitions to get started. 


Click + Select Hull Definition in the menu bar just below the Mode options. A pop up will appear with a list of previously created hull definitions, or click Create New. 


Each hull definition should have a unique name which can easily be identified. After inputting a name, click Create. 


Now highlight the Hull Definition you just created and click Use Selected.


Next, navigate to the bay that you would like to add a hull or voided slot. Click on the empty vessel position that you would like to update. By default, the slot is defined as a hull, but you can change the default from the dropdown that says Click to add Hull.


Click on the same position again to modify the type. If you accidentally define a slot, you can click on it and delete the definition. Repeat for each position in each bay accordingly.

Once you have finished defining your hulls and tanks, you can apply them to other uploaded files. The definitions are automatically saved to your user profile.

Associating existing Hull Definitions to a BAPLIE file

If you have already associated a Hull definition to a specific BAPLIE file, then BAPLIE Viewer Online will remember this association every time you view the file. To associate existing definitions to new files, simply click the + Select Hull Definition option, highlight the definition you wish to use, and click Use Selected. 


Associate Hull Definitions can also be viewed in the 3D View by selecting the definition to use from the dropdown.