How to share an uploaded BAPLIE file with a guest account

This article describes how users can share files with guests who have been invited to their facility. 

Upon logging in to, the homepage will load and a Function Menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Click Upload BAPLIE under your facility's name which is the second menu option, or click the facility logo on the top left. For more information about uploading a BAPLIE file, please click here. Once a BAPLIE file has been uploaded, it will appear under "All Files" until automatically deleted, based on your account settings. 

In order to use this option, you will need to have guests already added to your facility. Click here for more information about adding guests to your facility. 

External file sharing 

To share a file externally with guests of your facility, first you will need to enable Facility Shared Access using the toggle option. Then click the double arrow icon on the right side of the file options to select which guests to share the file with. You can select individual account, or you can select all guests. 


Sharing the file with guests means that the guest will see the uploaded BAPLIE file under "All Files" and "Shared with Me" in their Upload BAPLIE section of the website, however they will not be able to upload their own files, and they will not be able to edit data in the files shared with them.