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How to correct anomalies in data

BAPLIE Viewer Online automatically checks if any data in the uploaded BAPLIE file is potentially incorrect, and provides you the option to view and edit these anomalies easily. 

After uploading a BAPLIE file using the Upload BAPLIE tab or choosing a previously uploaded file under the View BAPLIE tab, the Dashboard screen will automatically load. From the Dashboard, you will see a red warning sign near the top of the page that notifies you if anomalies were found in the uploaded data. Click the Anomalies Detected symbol to quickly access the Anomalies tab. 


Alternatively, you can access the Anomalies report at any time by clicking the Validation tab in the Function Menu on the left side of the screen and then selecting Anomalies. The Anomalies tables will automatically load, showing any data points that are missing or invalid, plus possible floating containers and positions with multiple equipment based on the uploaded data. 


Click the green arrow next to each section to either show or hide the table from the screen.

Click on any particular row of information to highlight it.

Click the black toggle next to an attribute to expand the section and show the containers with the anomalies in data. 

For more information about navigating the Anomalies tab, including the list of system defaults for errors to appear in the Cargo with Anomalies in Data table, click here

Editing Anomalies in Data

Use the toggle next to the categories in the table such as "Length" or "Equipment ID" to expand each section, as shown below. Upon expanding a section with anomalies in data, a brief explanation for the potential error will be listed. 


To make edits to the container information and fix the anomalies, click expand a category of anomalies and then click "Edit Details" on the right side of the screen to edit all records or one record at a time. 

In the example below, the "Too Light" weight anomalies section is expanded. 


To edit a single record, click on the corresponding Edit Details link in that particular row of information. 


Update the weight and click "Edit Single Row" to save this information. Saving this information will correct the anomaly and update the BAPLIE file for future viewing and downloading. 

To edit multiple rows, click the Edit Details link next to the category header information. 


Click the checkbox next to the field you want to enable for editing across all records with that anomaly. In this case, the weight is updated for 14 records at once by clicking "Edit Multiple Rows". 

Once all anomalies in the data table have been corrected, the Dashboard will no longer show an Anomalies Detected warning.