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How to apply a column filter

The column filters are meant to assist you in quickly filtering data while using the Main Content screen. After a file has been uploaded to, the Dashboard will load. Click the Main Content option under the Visualization tab in the Function Menu to see the BAPLIE file content in a table format. 

Column Filter Logic Operator

Clicking on the ~ button next to any column of data will present you with a list of logical operations to select from. Select the option that is most suitable for the filter you wish to apply.


In the example below, Begins With was selected and BMOU was the value used in the filter. The top bar of the table with text in red displays the active filter being applied. 


Multiple Column Filters

You can apply multiple column filters to narrow the BAPLIE data down to the exact results you are interested in.


Removing a Column Filter

Click on the X to the right of the column filter value to remove the column filter applied.


Removing all Column Filters

Click the Clear Filters option in the Function Menu to remove all column filters at once. 


Filters persist across BAPLIE files

Column filters are saved to the database, and will therefore persist across all future BAPLIE files that are viewed. Update or remove the filter in order to see the BAPLIE data that is excluded by the filter.