How to navigate the Header Details

The Header Details section is meant to assist you in editing the BAPLIE header information. A validation check is automatically performed upon loading this option under the Validation tab in the Function Menu, and any errors in the header details will be highlighted for your review.  


Navigating the tab

Click on the Validation tab in the Function Menu on the left side of the screen and then select Header Details to display the BAPLIE header information in an easy to read format. BAPLIE Viewer Online automatically validates the header information in your uploaded file in accordance with the SMDG specification for BAPLIE. If the validation check fails for any reason, the errors will be highlighted in red and you will see a message at the top of the screen. 


Click into the header details throughout the page to view the errors and correct them. The arrows on the right side of the screen will expand or collapse each section containing more detailed information. 

Hover over the icon next to the field name for an explanation of the field requirements. 


Editing Header Details

All fields on the Header Details screen can be edited. Use the text boxes and dropdown in each section to make changes to any fields necessary. Then click Save Changes in the Function Menu to save any edits made to the header information. The page will reload, and any errors that have been fixed will no longer appear in red.