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How to manage allowed domains for your facility

This article describes how the main user or administrator of the facility's account can manage the allowed domain requirements which apply to all new users joining the facility. 

Upon logging in to, the homepage will load and a Function Menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Click "Manage Facility" under your facility's name which is the first menu option. Then click Allowed Domains to update the email domains that can be used to join your facility. 


When new users are invited to join your facility, they are confirmed as being members of your facility by creating an account with an allowed email domain, set to your preferences. 

Add New Domain - Enter an email domain in the text box and click Add Domain to add it to the list of allowed domains for new member registrations. 

Public Domains - It is not possible for users to join your facility using a public domain, such as a email address. Contact Support if you are interested in granting access to public domains for users of your facility. 

Alternatively, if a user does not belong to your facility and therefore does not have an allowed domain email address already, you can use public domains for guest accounts (with View Only access). Visit the Current Guests page for more information. 

Email Domains - This section shows a list of all currently allowed domains for your facility. As the administrator of the facility, you can remove allowed email domains by clicking the red x next to a domain address. New users will not be able to join your facility if the allowed domain has been removed.