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How to delete one or more records

It is possible to delete container records from a file using  BAPLIE Viewer Online. The Delete Records option is meant to assist you in seamlessly deleting records that are no longer needed in the file. 

After a file has been uploaded to, the Dashboard will load. Click the Main Content option under the Visualization tab in the Function Menu to see the BAPLIE file content in a table format. 

Once the Main Content screen loads, use a query or filter to find the containers you wish to delete. Use the checkboxes on the left side of the screen to select one or more container records, then click the Delete Records option in the Function Menu. 


Delete Records

Clicking this button allows you to delete any records that are selected within the BAPLIE file. The system will prompt you to ensure that you want to delete the selected records, and then they will be removed from the file.