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How to Collaborate on BAPLIE Files

As part of our vision for a shipping industry that shares data with stakeholders across the entire supply chain, we have many ways for members to share BAPLIE Files within their team, or with users external to their team.

As a free member, you can test how this functionality works! We offer a free 30 day trial, no credit card required!


1. Upload a file to your BAPLIE Viewer Online account at Once the file has been validated, by default they are shared with all members of your facility, unless you change the facility settings.  You can also toggle a single file to be private if you uploaded the file.

file toggle.png

file settings.png

2. Invite other members of your team. You can give them permissions to View only, or View and Edit files. If you have temporary users such as union labor, you can also invite them to view files.

invite team.png

3. Invite external users (guests), such as ship lines, stevedores, customs personnel or shipping agents.  From there you can share individual files with a guest or automatically share files with all guests. Depending on the type of sharing you require, you can even restrict access to the data further, by limiting which shipping lines or carriers the guest has the ability to view.

invite guest.png