How to navigate the Cargo Summary

Click on Analytics in the Function Menu to view summary reports of the uploaded BAPLIE data. Select Cargo Summary to display summaries for the entire vessel, by carrier, by port of discharge, and by port of load. It is also possible to export these summary reports to Excel. 


Navigating the Summary Table

Click the green arrow next to each cargo summary table to either show or hide the table from the screen.

Each cargo summary table has its own ability to scroll from left to right, and the scroll will automatically appear depending on the width of the screen. Use this to view additional information in the table, such as BreakBulk counts. You can adjust the width of any column in the table by dragging it with your mouse. 

In the bottom center of each summary table, you will see a page number and dropdown list. This is to adjust the number of records shown per page to your preferences. If there are multiple pages, simply click the  >> buttons to show the next page of results. 

While reviewing the summaries, you can also click on a particular row of information to highlight it. Clicking the top left box will allow you to total all column values, while clicking individual columns will total only those selected.

In the Function Menu on the left side of the screen, options to export the data will appear when the Cargo Summary Tables load. Click on a particular table name to begin an automatic download of the table as an .xls file. 


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