How to view Hazardous and IMDG information in the BAPLIE file

BAPLIE Viewer Online allows you to view the Hazardous and IMDG information related to the containers in the BAPLIE File.

Main Content

To view these details, upload a file to and view the file uploaded.  Then, from the function menu, select the Main Content.  From this view, you can then apply a column filter on the "Is Hazardous column" and selecting the value "Yes" from the dropdown box. This will then filter all container records and just show you the hazardous cargo. The Main Content view also has columns for IMDG Code and UN Number.

*depending on your column settings, you might have to scroll to see the "is hazardous column"



If you need to edit the hazardous details you can do so by following the instructions on this article regarding how to edit container record details.


2D Bay View

If you would prefer to see the Hazardous information in a bay view, you can do so from the 2D View option in either the mini view (all bays) or a single bay view and select the filter dropdown to "Color By: Is Hazardous".





Alternatively, you can select the Pivot Summary report from the Analytics section of the menu, and use this feature to display only the hazardous cargo and get counts by IMDG.