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How to upload a MOVINS file

This article explains the process to upload a MOVINS file to our website.

Navigate to the Upload page

From any page on, click Upload BAPLIE in the top left corner. 


To upload a file, either drag and drop or use the Select button to choose a file from your computer. 


Select the file you wish to upload

Select the MOVINS file from your local machine or from a network location. 

Reading the file

BAPLIE Viewer will upload the MOVINS file to our servers and perform validation checks to confirm that the file is a .MVS, .EDI, or .TXT file. It will then read the contents of the file, and confirm which EDIFACT EDI file has been uploaded. 

Validation Passed

If the file uploaded was a MOVINS file, and the contents of the file adhere to the SMDG specification for the specific version that was uploaded, then validation will pass. You can then view the contents of the file by selecting the "Click Here to View File" button. 

Uploaded files can also be viewed at any time by clicking the View BAPLIE tab in the top left corner. 


Validation Failed

If any of the criteria used to validate the content of the MOVINS file fails, then BAPLIE Viewer Online will inform you of the failure, and will try to explain the reason for the failure. The content of the file must adhere to the specification of MOVINS EDIFACT files as determined by

If you experience a validation error, and are not able to determine the reason for the failure, please click the "Contact Support" link and create a ticket for a member of our team to review the file content and explain the reason for the failure in detail. 

Convert a BAPLIE file to MOVINS

To create a MOVINS file from a previously uploaded BAPLIE file, please see this article for more information.