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How to customize weight settings for Anomalies data

This article describes how to set custom minimum and maximum weight requirements for container data. When custom weight settings have been set, files will be automatically validated upon uploading and any containers not meeting the minimum or maximum weight requirements will show as potential errors in the Anomalies tab. 

Upon logging in to, the homepage will load and a Function Menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen.

If you are the administrator or sole user of your facility, Click "Manage Facility" under your facility's name which is the first menu option. Then click Facility Settings to update various facility settings which will apply across all user accounts, including the custom weight settings for anomaly data. If you are not the administrator, click "Facility Info" which is the first menu option and will be able to update the custom weight settings for your own user account. 



Setting custom weights for anomalies 

All files are automatically validated upon uploading to check for potential anomalies in the container data. System defaults for weight anomalies are set to the following specification: 

  • Too Heavy: For 20' containers, too heavy if > 23,995 kg or > 52,900 lbs. For containers >20', too heavy if > 30,480 kg or 67,200 lbs
  • Zero Weight: The weight is listed as 0
  • Missing Weight: The weight field is not populated
  • Too Light: The weight is less than 1000 KG (less than 4 digits)

To set your own custom values, enter minimum and maximum weights for each container size. The click "Update Settings" to apply this to all future files uploaded by members of your facility. 

Once values are defined here, they will be used for checking Too Light and Too Heavy anomaly checks for each container. 


Visit the Anomalies tab after uploading a file by using the Function Menu, selecting the Validation option, then clicking Anomalies. 

In the example above, maximum weights were set for each container size. In the Anomalies tab, use the tables to view containers that are now identified as being too light or too heavy based on your custom definitions. 


 For more information on navigating the Anomalies option, click here.