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How to print a sequence bay plan from 2D View

While viewing your uploaded BAPLIE file, you may want to print a Bay Plan with a sequence sheet while unloading or restowing containers. BAPLIE Viewer Online allows you to easily print the bays you are viewing while utilizing the 2D Bay View tool. 

After a file has been uploaded to, select the Visualization tab in the Function Menu on the left side of the screen and then choose the 2D Bay View option to display a graphical representation of the vessel, bay by bay. 

There is a menu bar across the top of the 2D Bay View screen which gives you advanced options for viewing and editing the vessel data in view. Upon loading the 2D Bay View screen, Bay 001 is automatically shown and the mode will default to View.  To print a sequence bay plan, first select Move Mode. 


Select the containers you wish to discharge or restow in the current bay, or use the Bay navigation arrows in the top left corner to select containers from additional bays. 


Once you have selected containers, the Print Bay Plan button in the top right corner will be enabled. Click Print Bay Plan and a pop up will appear to set the document specifications.


 You can specify whether the PDF should include a single page for Above Deck and Below Deck or Separate pages per deck, the paper size, and whether or not to include a legend. You can also select various table columns you would like to be displayed. Mandatory fields are Container Number and Position, and up to 6 additional fields can be selected for inclusion in the PDF. 

When you are finished, click Generate PDF and then Download PDF.  


Download the PDF and it will look like this: