How to display a realistic view of containers on a ship

With BAPLIE Viewer Online, you can access the 3D Vessel View under the Visualization tab in the Function Menu to see a realistic model of the uploaded vessel data. While in 3D Vessel View, it is possible to view a realistic version of the vessel by  using data from the BAPLIE file to display containers with accurate colors and container owner logos.

Realistic View Mode

Quickly view a realistic version of the vessel by changing the Mode to Realistic View using the menu bar at the top of the screen. 


Select a bay using the dropdown at the top of the screen to see a close up of the containers in that specific bay.

BAPLIE Viewer Online differentiates the different container types and displays them according to a master repository of container type, size and owner. Reefers, tanks, platforms, flat racks, open tops and standard containers can all be defined accordingly.


Realistic Vessel Details 

There are various options in Realistic View Mode which allow you to customize the model to your preferences. 

  • The Show IDs checkbox located under the top menu bar displays or hides details such as container ID and ISO codes on the forward side of the container. Container details are color coded based on the color by selection on the right side of the screen. Use the dropdown to select a different attribute to color by, and the vessel view will automatically update. 
  • The Logos by radio buttons change the logos displayed on the containers, to either the Container Owner or Line Operator. The vessel view will automatically update after a selection is made. 
  • The Vessel checkbox located under the top menu bar makes the realistic vessel skin appear or disappear. 
  • The Hatch Covers checkbox located under the top menu bar either shows or hides the hatch covers from the model. 
  • The Show Wireframes checkbox in the top right corner either shows or hides the wireframes from view when searching for a specific container. If you apply a filter to see wireframe containers when in other modes of 3D View, the filter is automatically saved and applied to the realistic view. 


Troubleshooting Realistic View Mode 

If a combination of container color and logo are not displaying for specific containers, please contact Support with the container prefix, and details about how these containers should look. Our support staff can then define these specific containers so they look more realistic in the future. Any details that can be provided for the various container types such as a picture of the physical container, reefers, tanks, open tops, flat racks and platforms would be very helpful in defining these containers in our system.