How to customize the ship elements in 3D Vessel View

With BAPLIE Viewer Online, you can access the 3D Vessel View to see a realistic model of the uploaded vessel data by clicking on the Visualization tab in the Function Menu and then selecting 3D Vessel View. The view will open in a new tab on your browser. 

Across the top of the new page that loads, you will see a list of different modes to use the 3D Vessel View tool with. View Mode is the default option. Selecting a different mode will change the options just below this top bar as well as the information key on the right side of the screen. 

Changing Ship Elements 

Use the View Mode in 3D Vessel View to easily customize the ship elements to your preferences. 


Show Vessel 

Select the checkbox to make the vessel skin appear or disappear. 

Show Hatch Covers

Select the checkbox to show or hide the hatch covers in the model. 

Show Wireframes

Select the checkbox to show or hide the wireframes from the model. When searching for a specific container, use the Show Wireframes checkbox to highlight just that container and then have a wireframe around all the others. Hover over a container to view its ID and copy the number to use for search. 

Adding Ship Elements 

Use the Settings Mode in 3D Vessel View to realistically define the location and configuration of the vessel bridge, smoke stacks, deck cranes and deck lashes. 


Bay Separators

Use the toggle to show or hide bulk heads from the vessel view. Note that this is only viewable for containers below deck. To see the changes, switch back to View Mode and hide the vessel skin, then zoom into a bay to see the bulk heads shown or hidden. 

Use the Above Deck Lashes to define the height of deck lashes. The default is set to 0 (no deck lashes shown). 


Bay Slots 

Use the Bay Slots section to define the location and configuration of the vessel bridge, smoke stacks, and deck cranes. 

Click any bay slot to see actions available. Customization options include showing and hiding one particular deck lash or bulk head. Use the Action dropdown menu to add a bridge, smoke stack or crane to that particular bay slot. Click Go upon selecting the addition and the vessel will automatically update and readjust positioning to accommodate the configuration. 


Click a previously defined element in a bay slot to move or delete it from the 3D model. In the example below, the bridge has already been configured in Slot 15. Clicking this Bay Slot will cause a pop up to appear with customization options. Move the bridge forward or aft to other slots, add a smoke stack to the bridge, show or hide the deck lash and bulk head from that slot, or click the red X to delete the element from the 3D model.