How to use the Weight Distribution Report

Click on Analytics in the Function Menu to view Transverse Weight Distribution Table of the uploaded BAPLIE data. Select Weight Distribution to display a table of all bay numbers, the weight on the Port (left) side of the bay, the weight of the Starboard (right) side of the bay, and then calculated difference of the two weights.



BAPLIE Viewer Online uses the VGM weight for a container weight if provided, otherwise the non-VGM weight is used for this calculation.

The difference in weights is calculated by subtracting the starboard side container weight total from the port side container weight total

A positive number will be shown in green and this indicates that the port side is heavier.

A negative number will be shown in red and this indicates that the starboard side is heavier.

This number is meant to be an indication of a possible vessel list, however we recommend that a more accurate calculation is performed using software specifically designed to calculate Ship Stability.

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