How to navigate the Allocation Summary

The automatically generated summary table includes the utilization by VGM or non-VGM weights, TEU counts, and number of reefers, as well as the ability to add custom allocations and easily visualize the percentage of utilization. It is also possible to export these summary reports to Excel. 

This report is especially useful for liner shipping customers, as the carrier alliance and riding lines can make calculating utilizations complicated.  Slot allocation can maximize freight optimization.  Read more to find out how BAPLIE Viewer Online can be used for carrier collaboration!


Navigating the Summary Table

In the Function Menu on the left side of the screen, options to export the data will appear when the Allocation Summary Tables load. Click an export option to begin an automatic download of the table as an .xls file.  

In the top right corner, click Select Utilization Option to change whether non-VGM or VGM weights are displayed in the summary table. 

In the top left corner, click the Show/Hide Columns button to customize the fields shown on the Allocation Summary Tables. Unselect or select any columns you wish you hide or show, then close the screen to see an updated summary table. 


How to use the Allocation Summary

  1. Click on Analytics in the Function Menu
  2. Select Allocation Summary
  3. The first section is carrier utilization by weight
    • You can toggle between Total Weight and VGM Weight
  4. For the first carrier, input the weight that was allocated to them and if any exchanges apply.
    • BAPLIE Viewer Online will automatically calculate the Over/Under and the total percentage.
  5. Repeat step 4 for all carriers as necessary
  6. The second section is carrier utilization by TEU
  7. Add in the allocated TEU’s per carrier and any exchanges
    • BAPLIE Viewer Online will automatically calculate the empty percentage, the laden percentage, the total percentage and the Over/Under.
  8. The last section is Reefer utilization
  9. Add in the allocated number of reefers by carrier
    • BAPLIE Viewer Online will automatically calculate the Over/Under and total percentage.
  10. In the table below you can also see the detail of all the units by size for Dry, Reefer, Empty and non-empty. Additional details such as OOG, TEU and weight are also summarized.
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