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How to navigate the 3D Vessel View

While viewing an uploaded BAPLIE file, you may want to view a realistic model of the vessel. 

After a file has been uploaded to, select the Visualization tab in the Function Menu on the left side of the screen and then choose the 3D Vessel View option to display a realistic model of the vessel, with the ability to zoom in and view bay by bay. After selecting this option from the menu, BAPLIE Viewer Online will open the 3-Dimensional vessel data in a new window. 

3D Vessel View looks at the data in the BAPLIE file to determine the maximum number of bays, and the widest column to determine how best to draw the vessel. This allows the view to be dynamically scaled from the smallest ship to the largest ship. 


Navigating the 3D Vessel View Tab  

There is a menu bar across the top of the 3D Vessel View screen which gives you advanced options for viewing the vessel data. Upon loading the 3D Bay View screen, all bays (the entire vessel) are automatically shown and the mode will default to View.  

In 3D Vessel View, you have the ability to rotate, color by attributes, filter by attributes, and view specific bays. Arrow keys control sidewards movement, mouse controls rotation and zoom of vessel. Press Esc to return to the default view.

Below is a description of each function and how to use it. Click a title below to read more in-depth documentation on how to use a particular feature.

View Mode 

Container Details 

The information window on the right side of the screen allows you to quickly see important information about the currently selected container. You can easily show and hide this information by using the arrow in the center of the window. 


Mini View PDF 

Once all changes have made been to the BAPLIE data, you can print a bay plan of the entire vessel by clicking the Mini View PDF button located under the top menu bar. You will be prompted to select your document specifications, then click Generate PDF to download and print. 

Vessel Details 

There are various options in View Mode which allow you to customize the 3D model to your preferences. 

  • The Show Vessel checkbox located under the top menu bar makes the vessel skin appear or disappear. 
  • The Show Hatch Covers checkbox located under the top menu bar either shows or hides the hatch covers from the model. 
  • The Show Wireframes checkbox in the top right corner either shows or hides the wireframes from view when searching for a specific container. 
Bay Details 

Bay Details allows you to view specific bays in the 3D model.

At the top of the screen, the default mode sets the 3D model to view All Bays. Use the dropdown to view a specific bay or use the arrows to move between bays. After zooming into a particular bay, selections will also appear at the bottom of the screen to allow you to move quickly between bays. 

Once in 3D Bay View, you can also click the See container data button on the left side of the screen to view details about a particular container. This will show a pop up with the 2D Bay View on the screen. 

Settings Mode 

Change the Mode to Settings using the menu bar at the top of the screen to further customize the 3D model to your preferences. 


Customize Colors

You have the ability to customize any and all colors used for the containers using the Customize Container Colors button.

Change the background color of the screen or the color of wireframes shown using the buttons just under the top menu bar. 

You can also customize the vessel skin color and other elements using the menu on the right side of the screen. Click an attribute and customization options will appear underneath that element. 

Customize Vessel 

The 3D Vessel View allows you to realistically define the location and configuration of the vessel bridge, smoke stacks, and deck cranes. It also allows you to define deck lashes. 

Using the menu on the right side of the screen, use the Bay Separators section to show or hide the bulk heads and add deck lashes to the view. 

Use the Bay Slots section to add or move bridges, smoke stacks and deck cranes from the view. You can also use the Bay Slots to remove a deck lash or bulk head from that particular bay slot only. 

Filter Mode

Find Containers & Filter Containers 

Quickly find a particular container or set of containers using filter criteria by changing the Mode to Filter using the menu bar at the top of the screen. 


Filter the containers shown in the 3D model by updating the filters in the menu on the right side of the screen. First select a filter attribute using the dropdown at the top of the menu options, such as Port of Load or Hazardous, then select the filter criteria in the list which appears underneath. Watch the 3D model automatically update with your selections. Check the Show wireframes box to show or hide the white outline of non-selected containers on the vessel. Click Save Filter to add the filter to your user profile for easy viewing and filtering of future BAPLIE files. 

Once a filter has been saved, the Manage Filters button just under the menu bar across the top of the screen will be enabled. At any point, use the filter dropdown to select and load a previously saved filter. Click Manage Filters to alter the filter criteria or delete the saved filter. 

Alternatively, if you know the container ID you are looking for, simply paste it into the box in the top right corner of the screen. Press enter and watch the 3D model automatically update to highlight only the container of the ID you entered. 

Hull Definition Mode

Use Hull Definitions 

You have the ability to add your own hull definitions based on business needs. Configure hull definitions for each vessel class and save it to apply for use with any future uploaded files. Hull definitions are set using the 2D Bay View tool and then can be viewed in 3D Vessel View by changing the Mode to Hull Definitions. 

Once a hull definition has been saved using the 2D Bay View, it will appear as an option under the top menu bar after you select the Hull Definitions Mode. Select the hull definition from the dropdown list and watch the 3D model automatically update to 


Realistic View Mode 

View a realistic version of the vessel by changing the Mode to Realistic View using the menu bar at the top of the screen. When the vessel reloads, it will use data from the BAPLIE file to display containers with accurate colors and container owner logos. 

Select a bay to see a close up of the containers with details on the forward side of the container.