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How to add guests to a facility account

This article describes how the the main user or administrator of the facility's account can add and manage guests which have access to the facility's BAPLIE Viewer Online shared files. 

Adding guests to your facility allows for streamlined and efficient collaboration across organizations. Instead of having to download a BAPLIE and share the data via email with third parties such as external vessel planners or ship lines, you can simply add guests to your facility and they can view shared BAPLIE files with real-time updates. 

Invite Guests

Upon logging in to, the homepage will load and a Function Menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Click "Manage Facility" under your facility's name which is the first menu option. Then click Current Guests to invite, view and remove guests from your team. 


The top section shows the number of guests currently associated with your facility. Please note that there is a limit to the number of guests you can invite to your team according to your membership type. Click here for more information about membership tiers.

All guests are assigned "View Only" permissions which allows users to view only the BAPLIE files that have been shared with them by the facility. They cannot upload their own files, edit shared files, or import files from Excel. They can view the BAPLIE data and download it as needed. 

Once guests have been added to the facility, an additional option will appear to remove them from the facility. Click the red X to remove a guest from your facility if needed. 

The bottom section allows administrators of the facility to invite new guests and set preferences for these guests. 

Notify Guests

Use the "Notify guest of shared files" dropdown to choose whether you want BAPLIE Viewer Online to send an automated email to your guest each time a file is shared with them. 

Restrict Access

Use the "Restrict access.." dropdown to choose whether guests can see BAPLIE data from all lines or only specific lines. If "Restricted Lines Only" is chosen another option will appear for you to enter the list of restricted lines that a particular guest can view. 


Enter an email address (note that the email cannot be one of your allowed domains) and send the invitation by clicking the Invite button. Once the invite has been sent, the email address will be added to the list of guests in the top section. You can easily see which guests have been invited to your facility and which guests have accepted the invite and are now a team member of your facility.