How to fix missing segments

This article explains the process to insert missing mandatory segments into a a BAPLIE file that would otherwise result in an error when uploading.

Fix Missing Segments 

Files sometimes are sent with bad or missing data, and this can prevent them from being processed in a TOS or other system. BAPLIE Viewer Online's upload functionality has the ability to fix missing segments by highlighting them and allowing the user to quickly and easily insert mandatory information to make the file readable. 

While uploading a file, you may receive an error when using the default option, Automatically Detect Contents. If this occurs, the website will list the reasons why the BAPLIE file did not pass validation checks in accordance with SMDG. 



Any inserted data can be identified in the Anomalies tab to be corrected and a new correctly formatted BAPLIE file can then be downloaded and used in other systems. Click here to see more information about using the Anomalies option.