How to share an uploaded BAPLIE file with your facility

This article describes how users can share files with other uses in the facility. 

Upon logging in to, the homepage will load and a Function Menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Click Upload BAPLIE under your facility's name which is the second menu option. 

For more information about uploading a BAPLIE file, please click here. Once a BAPLIE file has been uploaded, it will appear under "All Files" until automatically deleted, based on your account settings.

Share a Single File

To share a file internally with your facility, simply use the Facility Access toggle. 


Sharing the file with your facility means that any user associated with your facility will then see the uploaded BAPLIE file under "All Files" and "Shared with Me" in their Upload BAPLIE section of the website. 

Automatically Share Files

If you would like the system to remember your preference and share all files with your facility users as they are uploaded to your BAPLIE Viewer Online account, you can save this preference by visiting Manage Facility >> Facility Settings.

From the Function Menu click your facility name, and then select Manage Facility. Then select Facility Settings section and use the toggle to update your preference for automatically sharing files. 

Note: If the setting "Default share files with facility" is set to Yes, then the ability to "default share files with guests" can also be set to Yes. If sharing with the facility is No, then the ability to share with guests by default is also No. This does not impact the ability to share individual files.

facility settings.png

External file sharing 

To share a file externally with guests of your facility, click here for more information.