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How to navigate the Function Menu

After logging in to your account on, you will use the Function Menu on the left side of the screen to navigate the different features of the website. For all view and edit functionality options to appear, you will need to first upload a BAPLIE file.


Function Menu Options

Below is a description of each of the Function Menu options. Clicking a tab in the Function Menu will expand the options to show additional features within each tab. 

Your Facility


Home - This is the page that will load when you first log in to BAPLIE Viewer Online. Quickly view  any announcements or notifications by the BAPLIE Viewer team as well as a calendar with your current vessel schedule. 

Manage FacilityThis section is where the main user or administrator of the facility's account can change and customize various settings, purchase a membership, or invite other team members to the platform. 

Upload BAPLIE - click the Upload BAPLIE tab to automatically load the upload page. 


All Files - The Upload BAPLIE tab will default to load All Files - files you have personally uploaded in the last 7 days, plus any files shared with you by other users in the same facility.

My Files - Choose this option under the Upload BAPLIE tab to view only the files you have personally uploaded in the last 7 days. From this tab you can also share uploaded files with your facility. 

Shared with me - Choose this option under the Upload BAPLIE tab to view only the files which have been shared with you by other users at your facility. 

*Note: The default setting for BAPLIE Viewer Online retaining files is 7 days. To change the number of days before files are automatically deleted (between 1-90 days), visit the Manage Facility section under Your Facility and then click Facility Settings

View BAPLIE - click the View BAPLIE tab to see a list of previously uploaded files, and choose which to load for viewing and editing.

Your Files - This is a comprehensive list of all files that have been uploaded or shared in the past 7 days (or longer, depending on custom settings)

Compare Files - click this option to compare two previously uploaded BAPLIE files by using the dropdown lists provided. A list will appear showing all additions, deletions, or different positions of the containers in the two files. There is an option to download this information as an Excel (.xls) file.

Import Excel - click this option to create a BAPLIE file from scratch, using only data contained in an Excel (.xls) file. 

Visualization - click the Visualization tab to view BAPLIE data in a variety of ways. If you click View BAPLIE and select an uploaded file as described above, the system will automatically load the Dashboard within the Visualization tab.

Dashboard - This screen is the default for viewing BAPLIE data.
Important information isFunction-Menu-Navigation---Visualization.png shown here, such as the total container count, charts of commonly used data points, and a notification if there are anomalies in the data.

Main Content  - This screen allows you to review the BAPLIE data in a table format. From the table, you can easily view, edit, add or delete records. You have the ability to customize the order, visibility, and any filters for the columns of data presented.  

2D Bay View - Choose this view to display a graphical representation of the bay. 2D Bay View looks at the data in the BAPLIE file to determine the maximum number of bays, and the widest column to determine how best to draw the vessel. This allows the view to be dynamically scaled from the smallest ship to the largest ship.  

3D Vessel View - This option displays a realistic 3D model of the vessel, with the ability to zoom in to any container, view bay by bay, or filter results to see specific bays.   

Validation - click the Validation tab to view and fix errors recognized in the system as not meeting SMDG specification.


Header Details - This option displays and allows you to edit the BAPLIE header information. A validation check is automatically performed upon opening this page, and any errors in the header details will be highlighted for your review.  

Anomalies - This option checks if any data in your uploaded file does not conform to the SMDG specification for BAPLIE. The automatically generated tables will also show you if there are multiple units in the same position or if there are any possible floating containers.   

Analytics - click the Analytics tab to view and download various summary reports. Function-Menu-Navigation---Analytics.png

Pivot Summary - This option displays a pivot table of the uploaded BAPLIE data, with the ability customize the pivot table to your business needs and save reports for future use. 

Cargo Summary - This option displays a summary page for the entire vessel, by carrier, by port of discharge, and by port of load. 

Routing Summary - This option displays a summary page with cargo counts by route, including total counts for units, weight, special handling and size.

Bay Summary - This option displays a summary page with cargo counts by bay, including all carriers for that bay, total counts for units, weight, special handling and size. 

Height Summary - This option displays a summary page with the height of above deck cargo for all bays. 

Allocation Summary - This option displays a summary page with cargo counts by carrier, including the utilization by VGM or non-VGM weights, TEU counts, and number of reefers, as well as the ability to add custom allocations and easily visualize the percentage of utilization. 

Management  - click the Management tab to take final actions on your file after viewing and editing.Function-Menu-Navigation---Management.png

Download BAPLIE - This option will download the modified BAPLIE file to your computer after you have finished making any necessary changes to the uploaded data. 

Create MOVINS - This option allows you to convert a BAPLIE file into a MOVINS file. 

Merge Files - This option will merge data from one BAPLIE file into another. 

Update Custom Mapping - This option allows you to remap UN LOC Code and ISO Codes into custom values.

Help - click the Help tab to read how-to-guides on using each feature, change your account settings, or contact support.

Documentation - This option will open the Knowledge Base section of the website, where you can read how-to guides on each feature (this is where you are now, reading this article!) Function-Menu-Navigation---Help.png

Settings - This option allows you to change or customize account settings. An additional menu to the left will appear where you can upload a profile picture, change system settings, change your password or delete your account. 

Contact Us - This option will provide a text box with your account details pre-loaded to make it easy to reach out to our support team.  Upon submitting the form, you can expect a prompt response (within 24 hours depending on the day of the week, and the time of the day).

Guide Me - From any page on, this option will display a pop up that walks you through how to use each specific page and feature. This is especially helpful when you are new to the website and want to discover how to use functionality in real time. 

Your Profile - in the bottom left corner of the screen, your name chosen at the time of account setup will appear. Click your profile to access settings (the same settings described in the Help section above) or log out of our account.