How to use the Calendar View functionality

When you first login to BAPLIE Viewer Online, you will see all your files displayed in a calendar view. 

This calendar view allows the user to organize and manage all of the facility's BAPLIE files and is helpful to see this week's ships, the ships that have previously called, and the ships that have yet to arrive.


To determine which date to use, BAPLIE Viewer Online analyzes the file contents for the DTM segments to see what information has been supplied.

BAPLIE Viewer Online will use the following order to determine which date to use:

    1. ATA - actual time of arrival
    2. ETA - estimated time of arrival
    3. ATD - actual time of departure
    4. ETD - estimated time of departure
    5. CREATED - if none of the above fields are present, then the date and time of preparation value is used.
To use the Inbound Vessels and Outbound Vessels feature, please see this article.