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How to use the BAPLIE Viewer functionality

This article contains a master list of all BAPLIE Viewer Online functionality with links to individual articles for more information. 

Navigating the Function Menu

Managing your facility
Uploading a BAPLIE File
Comparing Two BAPLIE Files 
Creating a BAPLIE File from Excel

Data Visualization

Main Content

Navigating the Main Content 
Using the Dashboard feature
Adding & Removing Columns
Changing Column Order
Applying a Column Filter
Hiding the Column Filter Bar
Using the Advanced Query Builder
Using the Find Multiple Button
Clearing All Filters
Resetting the Table Back to Default View
Exporting Data to Excel
Viewing Individual Records
Adding a Record
Editing One or More Records
Deleting One or More Records

2D Bay View

Navigating the 2D Bay View
Customizing the Colors Used
Printing the Bay
Printing the Full Cargo View
Viewing the Bay in 3D
Performing Load/Discharge/Re-stow Operations
Using Hull Definitions

3D Vessel View

Navigating the 3D Vessel View
Changing Ship Elements
Viewing Specific Bays
Customizing the Colors Used
Filtering Containers
Printing the Full Cargo View
Finding Multiple Containers
Realistic Vessel View

Data Validation

Header Details

Navigating the Header Details


Navigating the Anomalies function

Data Analytics

Pivot Summary

Navigating the Pivot Summary

Cargo Summary

Navigating the Cargo Summary

Routing Summary

Navigating the Routing Summary

Bay Summary

Navigating the Bay Summary

Height Summary

Navigating the Height Summary

Allocation Summary

Navigating the Allocation Summary

Data Management 

Download BAPLIE

Navigating the Download BAPLIE Function

Create MOVINS 

Navigating the Create MOVINS Function

Merge Files

Navigating the Merge Files Function

Custom Mappings

Navigating the Custom Mappings Function