Does BAPLIE Viewer Online support breakbulk?

Yes, BAPLIE Viewer Online supports break bulk.

Break bulk is non-containerized cargo. An example would be if a yacht was shipped above deck of a container ship and lifted directly without the use of a platform container.

The BAPLIE specification indicates that equipment type can be classified as Container, Chassis, Break Bulk, Ro/Ro (roll on - roll off), Trailer or Generator.

You can upload a BAPLIE file with the EQD segment with value BB  which would indicate equipment type value of break bulk, instead of EQD segment with value CN which would reference the equipment type being a container.

Since break bulk items do not have a container number, according to the BAPLIE Specifications, you should use the UNLOC code of the Port of Load, and a 5 digit number. This number should not be modified if the item is re-stowed at any point in its journey.

If the break bulk item takes up more than one cell in the vessel, then you need to create additional records with different cell records/vessel positions with the additional records referencing the leading position using the RFS(reference) segment.  

Please see the following example as per the SMDG specification (section 5.1)


The above example would look like this within BAPLIE Viewer Online's main content screen:


If you need to edit an existing record inside a container detail, you can do so by following these steps and choosing BreakBulk from the equipment type dropdown.


Additionally, breakbulk details can be found in the Bay summary, Cargo summary and Routing summary reports.

**Please note that the break bulk equipment will not be able to be visualized on the 2D or 3D view. This is because there is no ISO code so we cannot determine the size/type/height to display.