Can I edit BAPLIE files?

All membership types now have the ability to edit the content of uploaded BAPLIE files. 

After uploading a new file, or using the menu on the left side of the screen to choose a previously uploaded file under View BAPLIE, the file will load and automatically show a dashboard with various information. There are two locations where you can make edits to the BAPLIE: under the Visualization menu option, click Main Content to edit the content of the BAPLIE file. Or, click the Validation menu option and select Header Details to make changes to the header information in the file. 

Edit the content of the BAPLIE file

This can be done by selecting one or more records from the Main Content screen and then clicking Edit Records in the list of menu options on the left side of the screen. A pop up will appear where you can edit, add and delete content accordingly using the Edit form, and then click Edit Multiple Rows to apply the changes.




Edit the header information of the BAPLIE file

Choose Validation from the menu options on the left side of the screen and select Header Details. You can then edit fields as necessary, and click Save Changes in the menu options when finished.  


After completing all necessary edits, you can download the updated BAPLIE file by visiting the Management tab under the menu options and clicking Download BAPLIE . Select the version of BAPLIE you wish to download the file as. In most cases, you will select the first option (download current version).