How do I delete an uploaded BAPLIE file?

Once you upload a file to, the file does not stay on our website forever! After all, the data is only relevant for a small period of time- between when the ship sails from Port A until it arrives at Port B.

All uploaded BAPLIE files are deleted automatically after seven (7) days unless your facility administrator has specified a custom value for the retention period of files. This can be done by your facility administrator from the facility settings.

If you wish for your uploaded file to be deleted sooner, click the "Upload BAPLIE" option on the left side navigation menu. Under the Upload function, a list of all currently available files will be visible. 

To the far right of the file name, you will see a red X. Click this to delete the file at any point. A pop up message will appear to confirm that you wish to delete the file*.

If you are a team member with View and Edit permissions, you cannot delete a file that was uploaded by someone with Administrator privileges.

If you are an Administrator, you can delete anyone's files, including other Administrator's files.

**Please note that this action cannot be undone, so make sure you are only deleting a file if it is no longer needed.