Can I convert a BAPLIE file to a MOVINS file?

All membership types now have the ability to create a MOVINS file from an uploaded BAPLIE. 

From any page on, click Management on the menu options to the left side of the screen and then select Create MOVINS. When you click this option, you will be prompted to select a UN/LOC code from the dropdown, and only container data with a matching POL or POD will be added to the MOVINS file. 


Navigating the Create MOVINS Function

When you select the Create MOVINS option, you will be prompted with a dialogue asking to select the calling port from the dropdown list.

The MOVINS file will be created by using the selected port, to group all container records with a matching Port Of Load value into the HAN+LOA group, and all container records with a matching Port Of Discharge inot the HAN+DIS group. All other non-matching container records will be excluded from the MOVINS file that is generated.


Note: Selecting Create MOVINS will convert the BAPLIE from the uploaded version, into MOVINS 2.0 format, and any VGM weights will be converted into non-VGM weights. Older formats for LOC segments used in BAPLIE 1.5 will also be converted to the 2.0 standard. ATA, ETD and ATD at senders port will also be removed in order to comply with MOVINS specs.