Bug Fixes

  • Added more ISO definitions
  • Fixed errors encountered by users due to Javascript issues
  • Fixed issue with Download BAPLIE version 1.5 with TDT segment
  • Fixed issue with Dimensions and Bundles when adding new containers with the 2D View
  • Fixed links displayed in Anomalies tab

New Features

  • Added ability to be notified of console errors experienced by end users for better support
  • Added new 2D Viewer with ability
    • Customize Display
    • Search Containers
    • Edit Container Data
    • Perform Load / Discharge / Restow Operations
    • Load Generic Empties
    • Load containers from another file
    • Display more container attributes such as FreeText
    • Download Edited BAPLIE from 2D View
  • Updated 3D Viewer to reflect changes made to 2D View
  • Added new Silver Membership
  • Disabled ability to use Internet Explorer due to deprecated product and lack of functionality required for a smooth user experience
  • Free Memberships now able to upload 6 BAPLIE filesĀ 
  • New APIs created for integration with GE Transportation's Port Optimizer tool