3D View is now more realistic

Posted By: BAPLIE Viewer Admin on Feb 3, 2018

News Content 

3D Vessel View has been updated to make the tool more realistic and user friendly. Updates include: 

  • A Vessel "skin" has been added around the containers to make it look more realistic
  • Vessel Name has been added to the rear of the ship
  • Vessel Carrier ID has been added to the sides of the ship
  • Texture has been added to the containers to make them look more like real containers
  • Tank containers changed to look like tanks rather than just a cylinder
  • Arrow keys now allow you to move around the vessel in addition to mouse movements
  • Wireframes changes to rectangles rather than several triangles
  • Performance improvements when viewing a ship with a large amount of cargo
  • Find Multiple button added to allow you to filter the view to see only specific container numbers
  • Sidebar now allows sections to be minimized, and the sidebar to be minimized to make better use of space

Click here for more information about using the 3D Vessel View functionality.