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Posted By: BAPLIE Viewer Admin on Nov 17, 2018

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BAPLIE Viewer Online has redesigned the 2D View from the ground up.

The 2D View is now lets you fully customize how to display the 2D container data. You can select if realistic container heights are displayed, or if same heights for all containers are displayed. You can select to display either POL, POD or Destination as the port attribute in the graphical rendering. You can choose which attributes include custom colour backgrounds, and what primary attribute to color by. 

There is now a container search option where you can search for containers, and display which bays each container is positioned in.

You can select an attribute from the Color By legend, and the non-matching containers will be greyed out.

We also have provided the ability to print either the selected bay, or all bays to a PDF file using the same custom options used in the main 2D view.

However, the biggest new feature available in the 2D view is the ability to Edit the BAPLIE file by performing Load, Discharge and Restow operations with a simple point and click interface.

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