2019-03-14 New website features; integration with GE Transportation

BAPLIE Viewer Online announces new website features and integration options

The online tool announced upgrades to functionality for working with BAPLIE files, providing increased value to a growing number of users around the world amid new integrations with key stakeholders in the shipping industry.

ANAHEIM, CA — March 14, 2019 — BAPLIE Viewer Online (baplieviewer.com), a maritime and shipping industry website used to visualize, summarize, and edit BAPLIE files, has announced the release of new functionality available within the tool that will support existing customer needs along with new integrations as the website rapidly expands its reach. The streamlined viewer and editor is designed for vessel planners, stevedores, and other maritime professionals who send, receive or analyze BAPLIE files. Newly released features include:

  • Comparing BAPLIE files for additions; deletions; changes
  • Performing load, discharge and restow operations with an intuitive UI
  • Adding structures that prevent containers from being stowed to specific locations (such as ballast tanks, etc)
  • New APIs to facilitate integrations with other systems

“The new compare feature is something our users will be excited about.” explains Ruth Traynor, Director of Customer Services at BAPLIE Viewer Online“Terminals can receive multiple versions of a BAPLIE file in advance of a ship’s arrival, but many terminal operating systems (TOS) will only process the final BAPLIE file. The compare feature allows users to see if any data has changed with the click of a button, instead of relying on manual checks. Changes can be viewed as a report, displayed in the 2D viewer, and exported to Excel for further analysis. Providing terminal operators the ability to compare BAPLIE files for additions, deletions and changes, enables users to make more informed decisions about labor needs.”

Providing the ability to load, discharge and restow containers is another feature that makes vessel planning tasks easier and more efficient for smaller terminals that do not have access to these features from a TOS. The functionality allows users to add either generic empty containers or specific container data to an existing BAPLIE file. Users can also change container positions or remove them from the file within the all new 2D interface.  

BAPLIE Viewer Online has found growth in other areas of the shipping industry, expanding its customer base to include ship lines, customs agencies and maritime investigation companies; and has introduced new features that cater to their unique needs. For example, these users can benefit from the ability to save hull definitions to their profile. Structures that prevent containers from being stowed (such as ballast, fuel, diesel, lube oil, and fresh water tanks) can be defined and the customization can be applied to any future BAPLIE files. This feature in particular was inspired by a customer request to be able to visualize the source of damage a container sustained by a leak from a ballast tank.

As showcased in features like these, BAPLIE Viewer Online prides itself on being an innovative company that is able to serve the needs of both large terminal operators, smaller terminals, stevedoring companies and others who may or may not have access to other software. BAPLIE Viewer Online is committed to providing an intuitive user experience and ever-growing set of tools based on customer feedback.

Integrations with key stakeholders in the industry have enabled BAPLIE Viewer Online to provide increasing access to features among a diverse range of users. A new integration with Port Optimizer, a cloud-based platform that enhances supply chain performance and predictability from GE Transportation, now a Wabtec company, aims to provide more transparency about the supply chain in real time to the end users.

“BCO’s want more visibility as to where a container of their goods is at any given time - and while shipping lines and terminal operators have access to this information, BCO’s previously did not,” said Rene Alvarenga, Sr. Director Product Management, Port Solutions, GE Transportation, a Wabtec company. “The integration of BAPLIE Viewer Online with our Port Optimizer platform changes this landscape dramatically, providing the technology to watch the supply chain function in real time through a new visual dimension of where cargo is stowed.”

The Port Optimizer platform, with the integration of BAPLIE Viewer Online APIs, helps give users increased transparency with simple navigation. An example of a daily benefit the end user might experience is being able to visually check and see that their set of containers arriving at a particular terminal are on the top deck of the ship. The BCO can then predict that the containers will be available for pickup early in the operation of the vessel.

BAPLIE Viewer Online will be an Exhibition Sponsor at Navis World this month in San Francisco, CA. Navis World is a conference for terminal operators across the globe that promises attendees valuable insights on industry trends, operational best practices, and an introduction to the technologies being used today to optimize terminal and supply chain processes.



BAPLIE Viewer Online, a member of TEDIVO, LLC., has been successfully delivering technology solutions to the maritime industry since 2014. BAPLIE Viewer Online is now used in more than 180 countries worldwide and continues to grow by providing functionality to make verification of cargo an easier task for vessel operations. Backed by cloud infrastructure, premium support services, and continued improvements, BAPLIE Viewer Online strives to provide the industry with powerful tools to increase team collaboration and improve productivity.  

BAPLIE Viewer Online offers a Free Trial Membership allowing subscribers to test the functionality available in the tool.

For more information or to register for an account, visit the company's website at baplieviewer.com   

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About Port Optimizer, from GE Transportation, a Wabtec company

Port Optimizer is a cloud-based software solution that enhances supply chain performance and predictability by delivering real-time data-driven insights through a single portal to partners across the supply chain. Integrating data from across the port ecosystem, combining machine learning and deep domain expertise, it helps the supply chain monitor and respond to dynamic conditions, align people and resources, and proactively communicate across functions.

GE Transportation, a Wabtec company, Media Contact:

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