2018-02-09 Viewing & editing BAPLIE files just got easier

Viewing & editing BAPLIE files just got easier...

Innovative online tool releases new functionality for viewing BAPLIE data.

ANAHEIM, CA — February 9, 2018 — BAPLIE Viewer Online  ( baplieviewer.com ), a state-of-the-art website used to visualize, summarize, and edit BAPLIE files, has announced the release of new key functionality available within the tool. BAPLIE Viewer Online provides container cargo operators with a customizable environment to handle SMDG UN/EDIFACT BAPLIE EDI  files in accordance with company operations and industry standards. New features released this month include advanced queries, pivot table reporting, and realistic 3D models of vessel data. 

“This is more than just a tool to view BAPLIE files,” says Ruth Traynor, Director of Customer Service, “We have considered the demands and needs of the industry and built our platform to better equip users with functionality to easily summarize, visualize, and edit BAPLIE files.” She continued, “ As terminals are being tasked with becoming more efficient  in their day-to-day operations, they require reliable and intuitive technology systems with features to reduce the time spent performing manual analysis. With the BAPLIE Viewer Online tool, users are empowered to work more effectively, and with seamless team collaboration, there is a capacity to impact overall productivity of the operation.”

With simple navigation and a full set of features, the updated BAPLIE Viewer Online framework allows for more user customizations across multiple BAPLIE files. It is now easier than ever to summarize the BAPLIE data and save the reports to automatically generate user-preferred reports again in the future.

With the new advanced query feature, it is possible to quickly build complex queries to filter the BAPLIE data by any BVO-vessel-image.pngcombination of attribute values. The new pivot summary allows users to dynamically generate reports using a spreadsheet pivot table style tool, and save them for future use across BAPLIE files. The 3D vessel view functionality has also been improved to provide a more realistic representation of the ship. 

Ruth added, “We take pride in the fact that every member of our Support team has a background in container transportation and is trained in SMDG BAPLIE file structure. This gives us the ability to deeply understand our customer’s needs and offer them unrivaled support services and assistance.”

A complete overhaul to the look and feel of the website, along with the introduction of these new key features, is now live. Additional updates are being developed for future release, such as the ability to perform Discharge/Restow/Load operations and an option to import data from Excel. This next phase of updates has a target completion date of Q2 2018.



BAPLIE Viewer Online, a member of TEDIVO, LLC., has been successfully delivering technology solutions to the maritime industry since 2014. As a premier tool available to visualize, summarize and edit BAPLIE files online, BAPLIE Viewer Online is now used in more than 127 countries worldwide and continues to grow by consistently releasing new features and updated functionality to make verification of cargo and SOLAS regulations a much simpler task for vessel operations. Backed by cloud infrastructure, premium support services, and continued improvements, BAPLIE Viewer Online strives to provide the industry with powerful tools to increase team collaboration and improve productivity.

BAPLIE Viewer Online offers a Free Trial Membership allowing you to test all of the functionality available in the tool.

For more information or to register for an account, visit the company's website at baplieviewer.com     

Naomi Cervantes
Director of Sales & Marketing