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How to print a sequence bay plan from 2D View

How To Guides Downloading Files

While viewing your uploaded BAPLIE file, you may want to print a Bay Plan with a sequence sheet w...

How to: Use the Multi Lift Opportunities Report

How To Guides Analyzing Data

Your company likely measures it's crane productivity - it's one of the most important KPI's for a...

How to Collaborate on BAPLIE Files

How To Guides

As part of our vision for a shipping industry that shares data with stakeholders across the entir...

Is BAPLIE Viewer Online a software? How can I download it?


BAPLIE Viewer Online is provided as a SaaS (software as a service).  We are hosted in the cloud,...

Does BAPLIE Viewer Online support equipment types instead of ISO codes?


SMDG BAPLIE file specifications require ISO codes (ISO 6346) as the size type classification.  Eq...

What is the meaning of BAPLIE?


BAPLIE stands for BAy PLan Including Empties Your BAPLIE file is like a snapshot in time of the ...

Does BAPLIE Viewer Online support 53 foot containers?


Yes, BAPLIE Viewer Online supports the use of 53 foot containers! We have added support for 53' ...

How to use the Dashboard feature

How To Guides Viewing Files

After you upload your file to BAPLIE Viewer Online and it has passed the file validation process,...

Is BAPLIE Viewer Online SOLAS compliant?


In 2016, the SMDG required that BAPLIE files include Verified Gross Mass (VGM) weights as part of...

How to use Temporary Users functionality

How To Guides Getting Started

Facility Administrators now have the ability to create multiple temporary users either manually o...

Does BAPLIE Viewer Online support multiple hazardous segments?


Yes, BAPLIE Viewer Online has the ability to support multiple hazardous/ Dangerous Goods (DGS) se...

How to use the Weight Distribution Report

How To Guides Analyzing Data

Click on Analytics in the Function Menu to view Transverse Weight Distribution Table of the uploa...

Does BAPLIE Viewer Online support Terminal Codes?


Yes! This secondary attribute from the BAPLIE 2.2 specification is fully supported by BAPLIE View...

How to use the Inbound / Outbound file feature

How To Guides Viewing Files

New feature: Classifying files as Inbound and Outbound Please note this feature can only be set ...

Can I create a pool of generic empty containers?


Yes. You can use the 2D View Move option to create Generic Empty containers that you can then flo...

How to download files with .EDI extension instead of .TXT

How To Guides Custom Settings

BAPLIE Viewer Online will default to downloading BAPLIE data as a .TXT file, although it is also ...

Does BAPLIE Viewer Online support Commodity information?


BAPLIE Viewer Online displays commodity information on the Main Content screen of the website, in...

Does BAPLIE Viewer Online support Bundles?


Yes, bundles are supported by the BAPLIE file specification and also available on BAPLIE Viewer O...

What are the BAPLIE Viewer Online options for Printing?


If you'd like to take your data offline and have a physical copy, BAPLIE Viewer Online offers dif...

How to use the Calendar View functionality

How To Guides Getting Started

When you first login to BAPLIE Viewer Online, you will see all your files displayed in a calendar...